“How I overcame challenges with a UEBS coach”

You can learn a lot from the academic environment at the School, but to be a successful business person, you’ll need to develop the right personal skills as well. Coaching is one of the key ways that we will help you nurture your talent to help you achieve your personal and professional goals, improve your performance at the School and in your future career. Find out how Nghia Nghuyen worked with his coach to overcome challenges he was facing at the School.

Reminiscences of an Intern: ‘Par’ is the new ‘Eagle’

As I sit back on the train ride home from Glasgow, I can’t help but think about the career and life-changing things I’ve been doing lately. This could easily relate to the entire MBA experience 9 months into the 16 month program, but I’m thinking particularly about the internship I have been so blessed to land just a few weeks ago.