Moody’s is here

This month, Moody’s came to the Business School allowing us to meet with a group of employees working in different areas of the company, from mathematics to physics. This was a great opportunity for us to find out more about the roles that we would hope to move into in the financial sector.

My first ever experience as a consultant

Consulting on three different projects simultaneously has been the most interesting experience for me on the MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I had expectations at the start of the programme and consulting wasn’t one of them. Now it’s been added to my bucket list and ticked off!

Company trek to London

In Semester 2, the University of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS) treated their postgraduate students to a Company Trek to London. It was both an entertaining and valuable journey where we had the opportunity to visit finance companies in the world’s largest financial centre. Who knows, we might actually be working there one day in the future! During the Trek, we attended networking activities with company representatives and got to see inside their impressive buildings.