Welcome to our first group of Masters in Entrepreneurship students

This year we welcomed our first class of MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) students to the Business School. Under the guidance of Programme Director, Dr Raluca Bunduchi, these students will be the pioneers of this new programme, paving the way for future cohorts. Let’s find out what they have been up to in their first semester.

Beyond diversity on the MSc Marketing

In September 2014, 69 people from around 21 countries made their way to the capital of Scotland to become the new student body for the Master in Marketing and Marketing and Business Analysis. No matter if from the other side of the globe or from the faculty next door, everyone has brought his or her unique experiences, which has very much enriched this programme.

Everything you need to know about the MSc in Human Resource Management

From meeting one of the most enjoyable, diverse and knowledgeable group of classmates and experiencing all that the Business School has to offer, to living in one of the most beautiful & friendly cities in the world. Here’s my insight into the MSc HRM and why it was the right programme for me.

Think you’re cut out for the MSc Carbon Finance?

To be honest, I never thought I would take a Masters degree. I never considered myself to be brilliant academically. Thus when I enrolled on the Msc Carbon Finance programme I expected my mind to be blown, and not in the good way. Nevertheless, here I am, sitting on my couch, recalling the awesome events of the past 4 months with fondness.