Moody’s is here

This month, Moody’s came to the Business School allowing us to meet with a group of employees working in different areas of the company, from mathematics to physics. This was a great opportunity for us to find out more about the roles that we would hope to move into in the financial sector.

Meet the Programme Director – Masters in International HR

In this blog, I am going to introduce the Programme Director of IHRM and HRM, Dr. Thomas (Tom) Calvard. Tom, who has a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology and is also a lecturer in HRM, speaks about the initial days of the programme and how it has grown to what it is today; his take on the relevance of international HRM in today’s world; and shares a small message for the students who wish to join the programme next year.

Books for the holiday break

Spending time with family and friends is the perfect way to unwind at the end of an intense semester. For me the holidays are a good time to recharge and reflect on what has happened in recent months. I also like to catch up on my favourite shows, and read some books that allow me to dig deeper into the topics that interest me. Here are three books that I finished during the holiday break that I would highly recommend.

4 things I wish I knew about company sponsored dissertations

A Company Sponsored Dissertation (CSD) can be a brilliant capstone to top off your year with UEBS. By working with a client on a real business problem, you can showcase what you’ve learnt over the past year in a practical setting. Perhaps you’re feeling both ambitious and a little terrified – like I was when I took on a CSD as part of my MSc in Management. Here’s what I wish I knew this time last year.