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My top 5 coffee places in Edinburgh

Coffee shops seem to be abundant in Edinburgh! You can literally find one on every street. That said, not all are equally equipped for students (I’m looking at you, non-wifi coffee shops). I’ve put together a list of my top 5 coffee shops around the University of Edinburgh that have everything a student needs: wifi, coffee, food, and space!

The Edinburgh Coffee Lounge

This coffee shop is a bit on the smaller side, but I’ve always been able to get a table. It’s number one on my list for many, many reasons, but mostly because it feels homely when you’re there. The music is great, the food and coffee are fantastic, and they have the best sweets when you need that pick-me-up.

Brew Lab

Brew Lab is a pretty popular spot if you’re a student at the University of Edinburgh. They take their coffee to the next level. If good, innovative coffee is important to you, this is your spot. Get there early, as seats seem to fill up fast.

Black Medicine Coffee Co

This is another popular student spot, but they have more seating than Brew Lab, especially downstairs. Black Medicine is a different vibe than your typical coffee shop, with all wooden seats and tables. It also has a link to Harry Potter, in case you want to channel your inner J.K. Rowling.

Elephant & Bagels

Coming from NYC, I haven’t had a proper bagel since I moved. Elephant and Bagels is the closest I’ve found, so I call that a win! There are lots of different bagels and bagel topping varieties, so you’re bound to like something. Their coffee is also quite good, and they even have an American’s favorite – the classic drip coffee. Try to grab a table at the window if you’re there solo – it’s the perfect study space where you can still feel like you’re enjoying the outdoors.

Teviot Row House

Okay, technically, Teviot Row is like 5 bars all together. But, it really is a great place to study and have group meetings. If you get to the Library Bar early, it’s actually pretty quiet. They also have a lot of plugins if you need a charge, and the Wifi is great. Plus, you’ll really channel your inner Scot if you study with a pint 🙂



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Cori Schwabe, MBA candidate, University of Edinburgh

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