Friends walking in George Square

Making friends in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a dream city for many people, and so it attracts people from all over the world, enjoying incredible diversity. Consequently, in Edinburgh, I have been able to meet people from different countries and regions, such as Europe, South Africa and the United States. It is definitely something that is not so easily done in China. I feel very lucky to meet these intelligent, open-minded and inclusive people.

It is true that building friendship takes time and effort, but what we must not forget is that being yourself and staying true to yourself always leads you to the right people.

Something French

I met Sarah at the Trading and Investment Club. We both went to the meeting alone and happened to sit next to each other. I wouldn’t say I’m an extrovert all the time, but I do think that when you have the chance to talk to people, you shouldn’t let it go. I took the first step to start a conversation with Sarah and it turned out very well. She is an exchange student from France completing part of her third year in Edinburgh; she is only here for one semester. Later, we went for a drink and realized that we had lots in common. I was impressed that she knew exactly what she wanted in her life at a very early stage, and that she kept working towards it. I can tell she is going to reach her goals and I feel so lucky to have met her. She is amazing and is someone that makes me want to be better, and I think that is what a good friend is about.

Something German

Moritz, on my programme, is from Germany, although he is actually half Colombian. I used to think he would be very serious and not someone who I would be able to joke around with very easily. However, I was of course mistaken. While he can be really serious at lectures sometimes, privately he is very easy-going, talkative, and humorous. Given the fact that he has more than five years of work experience, it is very easy to gain lots of insights from him. Apart from being insightful and professional, he is also passionate about food and movies. We enjoyed some Thai food and drinks together last week after we were elected to become programme representatives and I am looking forward to working with him throughout the year.

We are all social animals who want someone to talk to and spend time with. It is not always easy to make friends, and I believe a true friend will accept who you are and won’t force you to do things you don’t like. So when friendship comes along, cherish your friends and enjoy your time together.



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Xiang Hui

Xiang Hui is a student on the MSc International Business and Emerging Markets programme and is China’s National Scholarship winner. As an explorer, Xiang is always ready to meet new challenges, is a big fan of history and hiking and is also interested in painting.