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Where will a Masters programme lead you?

Doing a Masters or pursuing further study is a significant step to take. It may mean you that you are not satisfied with your current life, or that you want to change something in your life. The Business School provides you with lots of opportunities to make that happen.

Some of us choose to get a Masters once we have graduated from university, while others may decide to return to study after gaining a few years of work experience. We all have our own reason for pursuing a Masters, and whatever your reason, you will find that the Business School will support you in many different ways to get the most from your year.

Student Development Team

This team, brimming with passion and professionalism, is dedicated to the professional development of all MSc students in the Business School. The introduction to the team by Marco during Welcome Week was short but strong. It is such a comfort to know that you won’t struggle alone and that they are here to help whenever you need support.

In the past two weeks, the Student Development Team has led us through many insightful topics. The Belbin test helped us to identify the different roles we take on in a team, through a series of questions. In another session, we talked about global employability, which guided us to better hone our professional skills.

Guest Speakers 

Studying in such a renowned university gives you access to an abundance of resources that will benefit you in different ways. One of the most exciting experiences is the opportunity to hear from people who have achieved remarkable success in their fields. In the first two weeks I had the chance to meet the founder of Genius Food, the former Chief Executive of Scottish Financial Enterprise and an alumna working for BlackRock. After listening to their stories, it is difficult not to be inspired by their courage and wisdom. Meeting these amazing people not only gives you fresh insights into specific industries, but also reminds you of many possibilities you may never think about.

Careers Fair

The staff at the university are eager to stimulate your personal and professional development as a student. However, you will find that many societies are committed to creating opportunities for students too. In a career fair hosted by the Economics Society, I was able to meet people from PWC, Aberdeen Standard Investment and BCG. It was really helpful to talk directly to potential employers since you get a better sense of what kind of candidates they are looking for. I was impressed by their intelligence and sincerity. They tried to answer every question that we put to them and encouraged us to seize every opportunity that comes our way. What I learnt most from this career fair is that working hard is not enough; you can always be working harder.

There is no better feeling than having confidence in who you are and knowing what you want to achieve. When you choose to do a masters, you know that you want something more from life. It may be a challenging year, but you will appreciate what you have achieved at the end of it and your new found potential.



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Xiang Hui

Xiang Hui is a student on the MSc International Business and Emerging Markets programme and is China’s National Scholarship winner. As an explorer, Xiang is always ready to meet new challenges, is a big fan of history and hiking and is also interested in painting.