McEwan Hall Principals Welcome, Welcome Week

Welcome from Edinburgh

As an incoming student you will quickly learn that the first week before classes officially starts is called Welcome Week; a week packed with numerous events and lots of fun. Here are the events I would highly recommend to every incoming student.

Whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate or exchange student, you will find lots of things you are into during Welcome Week. I was stunned to discover how many events are available and it was a little tricky to decide which ones to go to. Here are the events not to be missed!

Principal’s welcome event

If you were given the chance to meet the principal and other remarkable figures in the university, would you say no? The Principal’s Welcome Event is an official event where you can meet the Principal as he welcomes all new students to the Edinburgh. During the ceremony, the principal recognised students who have achieved great accomplishments, which was definitely a highlight, motivating new students like me to do something amazing with their year here. Sitting in the magnificent McEwan Hall was an extraordinary experience and those frescoes keep shining in my mind.

Activities fair

One remarkable thing about the university is the amount of support it gives to student activities. There are over two hundred societies in the university, ranging from religious societies to sports clubs. Whatever you are into, obsessed with or want to improve, you can find your group here. The activities fair is your opportunity to find out more about them and what they are doing.  I do think that it is important to work hard on your lectures and assignments, but I also believe that we are here for more than a degree. Joining a society enables you to meet new people and explore new interests which will also benefit you a lot.

Tandem Language Exchange

Tandem Language Exchange, University of Edinburgh

As a big fan of languages, I took part in the Tandem Language Exchange, an activity that helps students to exchange their language skills. Basically, all international students who are interested in learning a specific language are matched with a partner who is a native speaker in that language. I really think it is a brilliant idea that is both approachable and efficient. I have learnt some Spanish before but I can’t remember much about it and am excited to pick it up again. It is also a chance to get to know new people and listen to some good stories.

The reason I am interested in languages is not only because they are useful, but also I think it is a good way to understand the culture in which the language is embedded. Consequently, it was so enlightening for me to learn more about how different cultures interact with each other.



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