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There were many factors that led me to choose the Masters in International Business and Emerging Markets (IBEM). However I believe that you cannot really judge a thing fully until you have experienced it. The first week of IBEM is already over and it has given me a lot to think about. Here are my thoughts about the programme so far.

There are many different MSc programmes in the Business School, including Finance, Management, Banking and Risk and Human Resource Management etc. Every programme has an established structure and a unique focus, which will meet the needs of different groups of people. Here’s is a little insight into the IBEM Masters programme.

Master in International Business and Emerging Market students at the University of Edinburgh
IBEM students on a social trip to Glenkinchie Distillery


I don’t deny that it is popular, and also competitive, for Chinese students to study business overseas. So, you will see many Chinese faces around the Business School. However, I think every programme here has been designed very reasonably with diversity in mind.  On the IBEM programme this year, we have about fifty students from over ten countries. Some are from China, some are from Germany, and some are from the United States. Obviously, you can really get a taste of the different cultures and different perspectives when you talk to and work on different projects with these people. Also, it is difficult not to notice that some classmates have absolutely awesome experiences. One of my classmates has several masters, which is really remarkable, and some of them have years of work experience in different countries. I feel that I just have so much to learn from them and with these fantastic people around, you can really improve a lot.

Apply theory to practice

The thing that makes me obsessed with business is that it is such an essential part of our society and it connects everyone together. It is true that theories are fabulous, but what makes theories more attractive is identifying how they can be applied to tackle problems in the real world. On the IBEM programme, we study many theories; then we look at the problems that are happening in the real world. It is also exciting that we will have the opportunity to work with real companies in emerging markets, which will help us to hone our professional skills.

Emerging markets

Developed economies have been at the centre of international business for decades, while more and more attention is gradually given to emerging markets. Often with large populations and high demands in general, emerging markets are attracting many corporations from both advanced economies and developing economies. China and India have gone through huge economic growth in recent decades, and many companies have experienced a huge growth in revenue in those markets. Countries such as Thailand and Vietnam are considered to be where the next investment opportunities lie. That is why I believe that understanding how emerging markets work will be very desirable and beneficial.

I believe everyone wants to make the right decision about what to study, and finding the right programme is also a process where you can get to know yourself more deeply. So think about what you really want and don’t be afraid to make the decision.



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Xiang Hui

Xiang Hui is a student on the MSc International Business and Emerging Markets programme and is China’s National Scholarship winner. As an explorer, Xiang is always ready to meet new challenges, is a big fan of history and hiking and is also interested in painting.