Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens

Enigmatic Edinburgh

While sipping my hot cup of coffee in the world-famous Elephant Room and marvelling at this picturesque city, I am thinking about learning the Scottish accent. I believe this might help me to settle into this city and its ethos in the true sense.

I have had the privilege of meeting students from across the globe here at the University of Edinburgh, and it is very interesting to know that young enthusiasts don’t come here only to get a world-class education, but also to experience the dynamic Scottish culture and enjoy its rich heritage. I have had riveting conversations with some amazing folk. Even though we all come from culturally and linguistically varied backgrounds, we share something in common – valuable insights gained through a wealth of diverse life experiences.

Edinburgh, a city where it is impossible not to feel alive, is enigmatic. A city replete with architecture that one cannot help but stop and admire, is home to the most iconic bottle-green coloured peak, Arthur’s Seat. Hikers with backpacks and mountaineering sticks can often been seen around the area. One cannot avoid the sight of impossibly beautiful girls flashing lambs wool tartan scarves and stylish men sporting kilts or ‘trews’, sporrans and gillie brogues.

On a ride into the city on the The Airlink bus, everyone seems busy. Some may be watching TV on their mobile phones, some may be reading a Scottish novel, while others may be catching up on some sleep. We could be anywhere. But the one thing that distinguishes Edinburgh and makes it an exciting place to live is the love of dining at its legendary restaurants, sipping on a wee dram at one of its best whisky bars, hitting the theatre or checking out the Old Town.

This city, great food, great people, and great culture. But, I wonder, am I still a stranger in Edinburgh?



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Namita Razdan

Namita is a student on the Edinburgh MBA (2018)