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A word to the new

Having entered into the second semester of the MSc in Business Analytics programme, there are a couple of things I wish I had known as a new student starting the programme in Semester one. I hope these tips come in handy if you are either set to join the next cohort on the MSc Business Analytics programme, or plan to pursue this program in future.

Let’s talk Academics!

Firstly, this is a highly numerate programme. Thoroughly reviewing the mathematics from your undergraduate studies will make it easier to understand the new concepts you are introduced to in semester one. In particular, statistics related concepts are quite important. I suggest this, not because I underestimate your caliber but because in the months before your arrival there are so many things to prepare for that you can get lost in the whirlwind, and I would recommend prioritising this. When you attend your first few lectures you don’t want to think: “I have read this before but I can’t recall anything”.

Secondly, if you are someone with no coding experience I suggest you do some free video tutorials before arriving here. There are plenty of options on Coursera, Edx and Youtube that are free, and lay a basic platform for grasping higher level concepts. Pick any language you like, be it Python or R, and get going with the beginner level. It takes only a few hours to finish the basic courses and you will feel a lot more confident afterwards.

Edinburgh, you beauty!

Make a list of places you would like to visit in Edinburgh. Google is your friend here. Usually you will be swamped with course work, but when you do have time, take your camera and explore the city with your list as your guide. I was here during Christmas and the whole city is lit up at that time. Make sure you visit the Edinburgh Christmas market with your friends. If you feel more adventurous, a trip to the Highlands can be another option. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is another event that you can look forward to if you choose to celebrate New Year here. You will definitely not regret it!

To make most of your time at the University, I recommend being proactive and keeping yourself busy. There are plenty of things you can do with your free time, from joining a student-led society, finding a part-time job or getting involved in volunteering.

Come with a head full of dreams! You will be a part of one of the best Universities in the world and have the opportunity to access the great alumni pool. Make sure you meet new people and make use of the network to its fullest.



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Nandini Tyagi

Nandini Tyagi

Nandini, from India, is a student on the MSc Business Analytics programme.