Snow on Arthur's Seat

A Snowy Scotland

Coming from a warm climate in South Africa, I had never seen snow before but luckily in late December, I was blessed to see snow for the first time! I went up Carlton Hill to investigate and as I turned around I saw wonderful white snow on Arthur’s Seat – I was so chuffed! It was a magical experience!

Snow on Calton Hill, Edinburgh Snow on Arthur's Seat

After taking many photos of the snow from a distance, I headed home as the sun was setting and I thought that the amount of snow that day was the best I would get – boy was I wrong! Two days later, I opened my blinds and I just saw WHITE! Falling white! It was snowing for real now. It was amazing catching snowflakes on my tongue and the silence was a new experience.

Calton Hill, Edinburgh, in the snow

The snow was falling heavily and I decided to go up Calton Hill to see more. When I got up there – it took a while because everything was so slippery and my boots had no grip – it was white and amazing! It was so beautiful and peaceful. The only problem was my camera was getting wet so I had to lean over it to take photos but it was fun crunching around in the snow. Then I realised I needed to get down Calton Hill and my boots had been a bad choice! I had to find a railing and go extremely slowly, some younger boys decided to sit down and slide to the bottom which just made it more slippery! But it was snow and I was so happy. It was so cool to have snowflakes land on my eyelashes.

What a treat!

Snow on Calton Hill, Edinburgh



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