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5 things to bring with you to Edinburgh

Besides its beautiful architecture, Edinburgh is perhaps best-known amongst visitors and residents alike for its unpredictable weather. For example, it is not uncommon for the weather to fluctuate by more than 10°C from one day to the next! Here are some things that I’ve found useful to own during my five years in Edinburgh.

  1. A good waterproof/windproof jacket with a hood

Edinburgh doesn’t seem to be very cold when you look at absolute temperatures, but but it can feel freezing because it is so windy! A nice lightweight waterproof jacket blocks the wind, and you can layer accordingly depending on the season.

2. Good walking shoes

Cobblestones aren’t friendly to heels, and wet cobblestones can even be dangerous to less grippy soles. Furthermore, Edinburgh has a highly concentrated city centre, which means that walking gets you to most places. A good pair of walking shoes will help you scale the hilly streets and cobbled lanes of Edinburgh with ease.

3. No umbrellas!

“It’s just not worth it blowing away,” laments Cameron, 21, a final-year Chinese Studies undergraduate.

4. Base layers/thermals

Base layers can be useful in the winter months. Consider options like heat-tech from Uniqlo (which isn’t available in Scotland yet). Fur-lined boots may keep your feet warm during the coldest days of winter but can get soaked in heavy rain.

5. National dress 

This is a great way to share your culture during your time in Edinburgh! It also makes for a great conversation starter during formal events like ceilidhs (pronounced kay-lays).

If you come from a tropical climate and feel overwhelmed by the amount of things to buy, fret not. It is probably cheaper to buy most of your winter clothing in the UK. These include: coats, gloves, sweaters, scarves, beanies, and wellies or other winter footwear, which are a good shout during the cold and rainy season.

Most importantly, don’t forget to come with an open mind! See you in September!



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Ewin Teo, MSc Management, University of Edinburgh

Ewin Teo

Ewin Teo is a student on the MSc Management programme at the University of Edinburgh. As the Business School Postgraduate Representative and the MSc Management Programme Representative, Ewin is passionate about student representation and strives to promote the global community on campus.