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Welcome to the future: How technology will change the financial sector

This year, the first ever practitioner-orientated conference was organised for the Masters in Banking and Risk programme at the school, and I was extremely fortunate to be part of it.

One of the biggest merits of the “Welcome to the future” conference, was that we had a wide range of superb speakers from world renowned institutions. First up was Bob Ferguson from the Financial Conduct Authority, who presented the perspective of financial regulation and how his department is promoting competition in the industry through initiatives like the Innovation Hub and the Regulatory Sandbox.

The second talk covering the current environment for mergers and acquisitions, was given by UEBS alumnus, Pavle Sabic, from Standard & Poor’s Global Market Intelligence (New York) and David Fergusson, from The M&A Advisor.

Our last speaker was Christ Cathcart from Google who presented the solutions that automation can offer to problems in the financial industry and how we can harness the power of technologies.

The conference was more than just an afternoon filled with impressive lectures. It was also the chance for my colleagues and I to network with professionals from the finance sector. This unique opportunity allowed us to broaden our professional circles and I left the event with three business cards that solidified my determination to maintain the established connections. I am sure one day I am going to look back on the conference organised at the UEBS and see it as a launchpad to my own professional development.

I would like to express my gratitude towards the organising committee, comprising Valeriya Bardarova, Xia Chen, Ya Shu, Andri Traustason, Dimitrios Miaris, Theodoros Stamoulis from the Banking and Risk Masters programme, and our Programme Director Dr Fernando Moreira. Their effort, grit and organisational skills turned this conference into a success. This conference was a positive addition to my experience at the School and has laid the foundations for an annual tradition from which future students will also benefit.



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Stefan Tomov, MSc Banking & Risk

Stefan is a student on the MSc Banking and Risk (2017) programme.