Kristina Potocnik, Programme Director , Masters in Human Resource Management

Let’s get to know: Kristina Potocnik from our MSc Human Resource Management programme

How would HRM lecturer, Kristina Potocnik, describe the students on her Masters programme? What does she enjoy most about working with them, and why should you choose the MSc Human Resource Management at Edinburgh?

Kristina, from Slovenia, has worked at the University of Edinburgh for around 4 years now.  She has been heavily involved in research projects since she started, more recently focusing on creativity and innovation in the workplace, with a particular focus on selecting for innovation potential.

Let’s get to know Kristina a bit better!

Kristina Potocnik, Human Resource Programme Director, University of Edinburgh Business School
Kristina with colleagues at the School

How would you describe the students that attend the Business School?

They are very engaged, dedicated and motivated to learn. I enjoy working with my students on their dissertations and in class to analyse case studies – showing them how real life practice can be explained by the theories we discuss in class. The people I work with and teach with are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about their work, so overall, I’m really enjoying being here!

What do you think of Edinburgh?

I think Edinburgh is one of the best places to live! It is a city with amazing history and culture and a very vibrant business culture as well.

What are your ambitions for the HRM Masters programme?

I’d like for the programme to be known as one of the top Human Resource Management programmes in the UK for two things. Firstly, in terms of teaching excellence and secondly for its strong engagement with current industry practice.

Why should students consider applying for your programme?

Our programme is comprised of courses that are research-led and at the same time are heavily informed by current issues in the HR industry. We achieve this by having academic staff who conduct top notch research in their fields of interest and by hosting numerous practitioners who share their HR experience with our students in guest speaker sessions.

We also partner with a number of organisations in and around Edinburgh who sponsor student dissertations over the summer. This is a great opportunity for our students to get hands-on experience solving problems that organisations are currently facing and to build connections in the industry.

What can students expect to achieve by studying your programme?

We look at a variety of HR theories and practice, so that includes reward and performance management, selection and recruiting, coaching, training and development.

Students will also find out about the recent trends and developments in HR, such as the role of Big Data in HR, work-life balance, workforce agility, diversity and inclusion.

Soft skills, like team building, being a confident public speaker and writing professional reports are also really important to employers, so we make sure each student has the opportunity to work on these too.

With this knowledge and skills, our students are ready to start their HR careers in a variety of capacities when they graduate.