It starts with a handshake: a focus on MBA networking opportunities

Regardless of how you feel about it, networking is undeniably an effective way to meet people who can provide new opportunities for your career, help you grow your business or support you to develop new projects. But is your network robust enough to support your career ambitions? Here’s 3 things to consider.

Some of the most successful people are also the most connected, with their expansive network offering a greater exposure to new ideas and innovations. When reaching for new leadership roles, or succeeding in your existing one, the power of networking can often be underestimated, and often remains a daunting, even unpleasant, prospect for many practitioners.

On the Edinburgh MBA,  we’ll provide the skills and opportunities to grow a robust network and create opportunities. So, how can you make your network work harder for you? Here’s 3 questions to ask yourself.


1. How diverse is your network? 

Having a solid, consistent network where you feel comfortable has its benefits and can provide great learning opportunities. But if your network consists of individuals from a similar background, in the same industry and a similar age group, you may find that you are creating a chamber for sharing similar experiences and perspectives.

The MBA is a great way to grow and diversify your network. And this starts from the moment you arrive on campus and introduce yourself to your new classmates. Each MBA class is carefully selected to bring together talented individuals from different backgrounds – both in terms of industry and nationality. This is a crucial part of your MBA experience; exposing you to fresh business perspective and challenging your business norms. Importantly, this diverse network will become a personal and professional network that you can count on throughout your career.  Multiply this to include the full Business School alumni group, and you can begin to see the full potential of your new network.

2. Do you create networking opportunities? 

At the Business School, you will have multiple touch points with organisations, from large corporations to local start-ups and social enterprises. Our varied connections allow you to explore your future career goals and build the right connections to position yourself towards securing that post-MBA role.

In addition to your classmates and alumni, you will have the opportunity to meet recruiters, senior company representatives and MBAs from other universities around the world.

3.  Are you able to captivate strangers at networking events? 

Our interactive networking skills sessions are delivered by professional networking coaches and will take you through the full process: from approaching a group of people at an event and engaging them in conversation, to building long term relationships.

While we can’t secure a job for you, the MBA will support you to develop the skills and create the opportunities that could lead to your next leadership role.

So, have you had experiences where an opportunity has arisen from networking; how do you make sure your network is diverse enough to create opportunities? We’d love to hear from you.