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Developing your practical skills with a Master’s programme

In addition to course work, a Masters programme at the University provides the opportunity to really develop your practical skills and boost your career search, something which I have found to be huge benefit.

The University offers a wide range of opportunities that have enhanced my understanding of my area of study. As someone who has already worked, I very much appreciated the practical elements of the programme but also the theoretical background that provided a deeper comprehension. The School hones in on these practical skills in a variety of ways.

Student Development Team

The School’s in-house Student Development Team are a dedicated team supporting the professional development of MSc students.  The team has supported us to develop our interpersonal skills, career search skills and to expand our networks through events with the CIPD, for example, or field trips to local businesses such as Diageo, Amazon or Johnson and Johnson. In particular, the field trip to J&J was an exciting and valuable experience as we were able to see the production process of products from raw material to packaging.

Guest Speaker Series

While having had contact with many guest speakers, such as Procter and Gamble for instance during class, we also had numerous guest speakers coming to the Business School outwith lectures. The best thing about these sessions were the real-life insights you could garner from senior practitioners and also the opportunity to network with industry professionals.

Practical course work

After an intense assessment week in December I signed up for the performance management course – a practice oriented optional course which consists of a team project. I am glad I chose this course as it provided me with lots of practical skills in terms of how to evaluate and manage performance systems, and also was a great opportunity to strengthen my team-working skills.

From this point of view the MSc programme has not only significantly enhanced my knowledge but also my skills – something I hadn’t thought about before but I really appreciate upon reflection, as I think it is not only what we learn and know, but particularly how we apply it that counts.



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Vera Schneider (Msc HRM 2015)

Vera is a student on the MSc HRM (2015) programme.