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Step inside project work on MSc Carbon Finance

As a student on the MSc Carbon Finance programme I have acquired an important amount of knowledge in this relatively new branch of Environmental Finance. The School has exposed me to state of the art knowledge delivered by Faculty across Carbon Markets, Carbon Accounting, and Low Carbon Investments topics. Want to know more about the programme, it’s courses and the projects we’re working on? Read on…

It is a financial program with a touch of Scientific Climate Change – something which makes this programme very attractive. The University has a very practical approach to the learning outcomes. Something that enhances the learning experience are courses such as Low Carbon Investments, Carbon Consulting Projects and Emission Reductions Project Development (ERPD), where the basis of evaluation are real life cases of investments and advisory projects with clients.

The ERPD course contemplates the development of a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project Design Document to be developed from early stages and goes from the methodology identification up to a preliminary validation. Students are not only exposed to their own project but to all projects from other groups who present on a weekly basis at different stages of the PDD. Projects can range from methane capture and storage, cook stoves, to small scale renewable energy projects.

The projects can involve already registered PDD examples with some adaptations or they can be real life projects proposed by carbon offset developers who need to validate PDDs and that need the outcome to enter into the validation stage.

The relatively recent development of Carbon Finance as a professional activity brings many opportunities for the development of a dissertation that enables students to be a specialist in new domains.  The final piece of work can be presented to potential companies, and why not, opening doors that could potentially translate into a job.



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Abel Perez Rasgado

Abel is a student on MSc Carbon Finance (2015) programme. He has worked at different banks and nonbank banks doing structured finance, debt capital markets, and asset based lending in different countries across Latin America. He has an MBA from Insead and a MSc from the London School of Economics. He is interested in energy finance and innovative financial structures in Climate Change Finance issues.