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Beyond diversity on the MSc Marketing

In September 2014, 69 people from around 21 countries made their way to the capital of Scotland to become the new student body for the Master in Marketing and Marketing and Business Analysis. No matter if from the other side of the globe or from the faculty next door, everyone has brought his or her unique experiences, which has very much enriched this programme.

Myself, I had a rather short journey to Edinburgh from Germany, but with just 7 days to prepare for my new life abroad after leaving my job in an advertising agency, it still felt like an adventure. And I felt even more excited when we all met for the first time.

It is indeed one of the greatest opportunities and an incredibly invaluable experience to meet so many people from different cultures at one place here in Edinburgh – a diversity from so many perspectives.

Map of the home countries for MSc Marketing students
Map showing home countries of students on the MSc Marketing / Business Analysis

We laugh, share and sometimes quarrel when we reach our own borders in understanding each other – but we also realize how much the culture we are from has shaped us (seriously, I never felt as German since I left Germany!) and we grow further, with  each piece of group work developing our international mind-set. From the ‘relaxed’ Mexican to the rather ‘shy’ Chinese – some characteristics might sound stereotypical, but actually you can find them only sometimes to be right – and sometimes absolutely not.

It is not just the intercultural mix which teaches us different ways to learn and interact with people, but also their academic background. While some graduated from business-related studies such as Finance or Business Administration, others who studied, for example Literature, Psychology or Journalism, bring in new perspectives and new insights from other disciplines.  Everything is relevant, especially in Marketing where it is not always simply about numbers, but about people.

And as everyone is a customer, everyone has something to say. This makes Marketing so interesting!

A number of the cohort also have interesting work experience behind them having done internships or actually worked in Marketing. So you do not only learn the academic foundation or expert knowledge from guest speakers, but learn about the world as practitioner, either in advertising or research agencies, organisations or somewhere completely else, from the very people you will call friends in just a matter of days of the programme starting.

Some of the class already know where the road takes them and have ambitiously crafted their CVs, while others simply listen to all these interesting stories, wait to learn more and then make the choice where to go when the time is right. Until then, you can be sure you will have built an impressive network of people, who share the same passion for Marketing, and will be happy to hear about your story in return.



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Patrycja Sojka (MSc Marketing 2015)

Patrycja, from Germany, is a student on the MSc Marketing 2015 programme.