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From meeting one of the most enjoyable, diverse and knowledgeable group of classmates and experiencing all that the Business School has to offer, to living in one of the most beautiful & friendly cities in the world. Here’s my insight into the MSc HRM and why it was the right programme for me.


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No matter how nervous I was at the thought of moving to a new city and taking on the challenge of completing my masters, I can safely say all of my worries and nervous jitters quickly dissipated after I realized less than a few weeks into the program I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

In the HRM program, we were lucky to have a small enough class size to be able to take advantage of the diverse perspectives of both classmates and lecturers. Professors and lecturers can sometimes make or break your overall classroom experience, and in this case they definitely made it. Having such an approachable, knowledgeable and humorous faculty made the experience that much better. One consistent comment I overhear is the praise from fellow students regarding program director, Professor Brian Main. He is dedicated to making the MSc HRM program the best it can be and making sure we take the full experience during our time here in Edinburgh.

As our lecturers so kindly always reminded us, there is more to your Masters program than working in the library. Thankfully, living in a city like Edinburgh with an outgoing bunch like the HRM crew, exam woes and assignment stress were easy to relieve. It has been such a great experience to be able to interact with and become close with such a diverse group of people.

Conversations swirled around our respective countries differences or similarities in food, sports, fashion, childhood memories, hometown culture and expressions. We jumped at the opportunity to experience different traditions whether it was celebrating Scottish tradition at Burns Night, Finnish tradition enjoying homemade Fastlagsbulle, or the classic American tradition of Superbowl Sunday.

It is crazy to look back at how nervous I was to be moving somewhere where I did not know anyone, to not being able to walk down the street without running into the familiar faces that make Edinburgh feel like home.

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Jessica Shannon is a student on the MSc HRM (Class 2014)