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Expanding the horizon in North Carolina

When I signed up for the 16 month MBA programme at the University of Edinburgh, I was very excited to have the opportunity to study at another institution.  My time at FUQUA School of Business at Duke University has more than exceeded my expectations. It has been an amazing opportunity.

FUQUA School of Business
FUQUA School of Business, Duke University

I selected FUQUA School of Business as I thought it would be a great experience to meet new people, expand my horizons, and gain insights into new ways of thinking. Duke has definitely fulfilled that goal.  I have been able to meet people from around the world, and with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests.

Duke is all about Team FUQUA, and they have an incredible number of social events and talks to facilitate the concept of everyone working together as a team.  As an exchange student at the Business School, you are included in all second year activities, which means that you have many opportunities for meeting new people and networking.  Every Wednesday is free of classes, and there are usually interesting conferences or lecturers scheduled for this day.  I have been to a “Women in Business Conference” and have attended a variety of lectures.  Every Friday is FUQUA Friday – a free networking event sponsored by clubs which includes music, food, and drinks.

Along with the academic learning, I’ve been exploring the Durham area which has a reputation for excellent restaurants and local artists.  It is also gaining a reputation for start-ups.  I’ve been balancing my studies with visiting the farmer’s market, going to art galleries, exploring the restaurants and cafes, and finding out about innovative start-ups.

I only have two weeks left, but wish I had longer to experience the FUQUA community.  It has been an amazing opportunity and learning experience.

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Sheila Gallagher

Sheila Gallagher (MBA)

Sheila (USA/Ireland) is an MBA student on the 16 month programme.